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Flipper in rehab

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  Artanis[Xp], Jul 12 2015

Woop woop

Return is going pretty well. Was on a stake until about ~8k in the graph (it's right before the $9k ds). Still splitting for the highest limits I'm playing but most of my action is lower so it doesn't affect me too much. Pretty nice to have a bit of extra income again.

Some attempts to (re?)learn 6max PLO and FLO8 have stranded so far, but hopefully with improvements and time I'll get the hang of those too. Still focused on building my roll first though.

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The return
  Artanis[Xp], Jun 01 2015

wp imo

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  Artanis[Xp], Sep 30 2010

Most played day ever. Which ends my month at the following (putting the last 3 hrs of the session in sept too):

Winrate at 1.65ptbb, made quite a few spews still but I feel like I'm getting better again. Also a lot more motivated, so I'm looking back up =]

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